i’ve been d r e a m i n g of t h i n g s yet to c o m e.

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All I have in life is my new appetite for failure

And I got hunger pain that grow insane

Tell me do that sound familiar?

If it do then you’re like me

Making excuse that your relief

Is in the bottom of the bottle

And the greenest indo leaf

As the window open

I release everything that corrode inside of me

I see you joking, why you laugh?

Don’t you feel bad?

I probably sleep and never ever wake up

Never ever wake up, never ever wake up

In God I trust

But just when I thought I had enough.


So I guess we’re all caught up on Game of Thrones.


Previously unseen photo of Kurt Cobain, 1993.


April 10, 1994 - A public memorial service for Kurt takes place at Seattle Center, near the Space Needle. 7,000+ fans were present. A pre-recorded message from Courtney read extracts from Kurt’s suicide note & a pre-recorded message from Krist & Dave is also broadcast. There were also speeches from a minister (Reverend Steve Towles), a poet (Michael Swalis), three local DJs and a crisis counselor. Marco Collins, a program Director at KNDD, read a note from Kurt’s uncle, Larry Smith. Kurt’s family & friends attended his memorial service nearby at Unity Church. Courtney visited the site later, with Kat Bjelland of ‘Babes in Toyland’ and distributed some of Kurt’s clothes to those who remained. After the speeches the crowd was moved to the large fountain nearby, where Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged appearance was played over a PA. Around 5,000 people were present.

I dont like tattoos but manson surly has a taste for those

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$250 for a meet and greet? You better get to suck their dick or something
my mom (via guy)

Those prices are horrible and i would never buy it, i am not such a fan whore!! hehe //

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Heeeere’s Johnny!! 



White Balmain jacket? Check Saint Laurent Sunglasses? Check. Baseball Bat? Check. Huge White Russian hat? Check. Check. Ready for the stage!

Ahh this hurts i really really really need a spliff right now:/ so little sleep, too many thoughs and gaah this headache


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so this just happened :)

This is FANTASTIC NEWS! Way to go Australia!

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